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Our facility and gym is set up to serve our comunities health and fitness goals and needs for people of all ages and walks of life. We have something to offer for everyone and at any time of the day or week, because of this we stand apart from other gyms in the area. We offer plenty of cardio equipment, treadmills, and ellipticals, a spin bike room with virtual guided tours, nautilus machines for circuit training, free motion cable machines, traditional cable machines and lat pulldowns, a large area for dumbbells, barbells, and free weight body building, leg press and smith machines, and much more!

Where else in the Monument area or North Springs can you train doing Olympic weight lifting or Powerlifting 24 hours a day!  Our current closed off class room is being converted into a high performance strength and conditioning room. Featuring things like Powerlifting – Olympic Weight Lifting – Athletic Performance Conditioning – Strength Training – Free Weight Bodybuilding

(as shown in the above picture)

"The Strength Room" will remain closed off from the rest of the gym. Use of chalk, heavy lifting, and intensity is highly enouraged!  This type of training will not effect the rest of the gym, and it will allow for more members to have access to more equipment and not have to wait around for any racks, machines, or benches to free up.


We also offer fitness coaching, personal training, athletic performance coacing, health and nutrition consulting and more. Members can stop in for a fitness consultation anytime with one of our coaches.

Members will also have access to traning programs that we've developed for things from physique and body composition transformations, weght loss, rehabilitation, to strength conditioniig.

Find out more about our services and our specialized training programs. Select the training program that’s right for you! Why should we work together? Learn more about us and our training background. Inquire with our strength coach about personal training for strength and athletic performance.

Fitness Center is open 24/7,

365 days a year!

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Call to make an appointment - open 24/7 but we do not have set staffed hours

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No risk, no commitment and NO contracts! Free trial training session for first time customers. Register here, but you will need to come in during business hours or call Coach Shawn and schedule an appointment 719-232-0685


Check out the FAQs to learn more about getting on a healthy path for life.

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